Lovato Giovanni began working in the leather sector in 1995 with the immediate goal of dealing with Italian and international leather industries.

In 1999, he took the expert examination that allows him to start working professionally in the consultancy field and, in that same year, in fact, Giovanni opens his consulting and expert studio with which he begins to specialize in the area.

Additionally, in 1999, he began collaborating with a large European group allowing him to acquire more and more expertise in the production of finished leather.

Today, Giovanni Lovato is listed on the roster of Consultants and Experts at No. 798 in the arbitration chamber of Genoa and the Court of Vicenza, with whom he has worked as a CTU (office technical consultant) for 15 years.

The in-depth knowledge of the leather market and the complete and continuous training in the consultancy sector allow Giovanni Lovato to also provide a professional and quality advice and expert service to the courts in the field of leather processing.

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